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This wiki is all about the FANON Disney Channel Original Series What The?. We currently have 25 articles and 2 files since March 23, 2014. We are still growing since this wiki was founded and we would be glad if you helped out!

About What The?

About a group of friends who always do stuff wrong and they uses 'What The?' as a catchphrase


This is the FANON Disney Channel Original Series titled What The?. Season 1 consist of 10 episodes. What The? Was renewed for a second season on March 28, 2015. It will consist of 26 eoisodes, bringing the whole series to a total of 36 episodes. Disney Channel announced that What The? has been renewed for a Season 3. It will consist of 29 episodes, bringing the whole show to a total of 65 episodes. Season 4 has been renewed of 20 episodes. Bringing the series to a total of 85 episodes. Season 4 is the final season.

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